Reliv Independent Distributor
Shakin with the Shepherds!  
We Shepherds are serious about Reliv!  Why?  Because it has changed our lives in so many ways!  Years ago when we found Reliv, we were praying for answers.  Our youngest son had been diagnosed with a hereditary disorder after a bad fall in our kitchen.  When I heard from other moms about their kids and this great nutrition that was filling all the gaps, I thought; let's check that box off.  Let's get this great nutrition in Devon and our whole family.  Today our little lax'er is a healthy, happy 10 year old.  Our whole family is maintaining great health!  These shakes have been part of our wellness plan for our college aged children and Clay and I feel great every day, better in our 50's than those decades before.  At Miss Maureen's daycare we drink our shakes and all the kids maintain endless energy with focus and fun every day!  We have created a circle of wellness with all our friends and family who "Reliv" with us!!  Now with LunaRich our epigenetic superfood Reliv has taken us from  Shepherds to Super Shepherds!  This Reliv opportunity is filling those financial gaps as well.  We are helping with college tutition and working towards real financial freedom.  I love being my own boss, putting my family first as a wife and mom.  It just feels right.  We share our family story wherever we go and connect people to people, giving them hope for a better tomorrow.  We are excited about the Reliv Kalogris Foundation with our "krazy 4 kalogris" kid's campaign and thrilled to be part of an effort that feeds over 40,000 children in hundreds of feeding stations every single day.  We love Reliv.  We are grateful to be "Reliving" and we invite you to check back often to see what is "shakin" with the Shepherds.